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About COB at NYU

Computational biology, the modeling and mathematical analysis of biological systems using sophisticated computational methods, is an exciting, innovative field of multidisciplinary research that addresses the complex challenges of the 21st century in understanding the behavior of biological systems and human diseases. Computational biologists are now widely sought by industry, research centers, and universities.

The NYU Doctoral Program in Computational Biology (COB) is designed to bring together the faculty and resources of the NYU Graduate School of Arts & Science (Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Neural Science), the NYU School of Medicine (Sackler), and the Mount Sinai School of Medicine to train students in the fundamentals and applications of computational methods to biology, including macromolecular structure and function, bioinformatics and genomics, function of physiological systems (cells, organs) and biological imaging. The Doctoral Program training includes dual faculty mentorship, courses in scientific computing and computational biology, in-depth study in a discipline, interdisciplinary seminars, research ethics, cross-disciplinary interactions through research collaborations and summer internships, as well as various career guidance/mentoring activities. The Program is designed so that students may finish it within five years.

Students completing the program are adept in scientific computation and interdisciplinary and collaborative interactions, develop scientific broadness and creativity through exposure to different disciplinary viewpoints, and develop a facility with scientific communication so that they can integrate biological/chemical knowledge with modeling and computational methods to solve problems that arise in complex biological processes, biotechnology, and biomedicine. Our program is designed so that our graduates can go on to act as catalysts for novel interdisciplinary collaborations, to engage in cutting-edge research and to go on to productive careers in research and education in academia, industry, and government.

We welcome applications from women and other underrepresented groups.

Please browse our website to learn more about our faculty, research themes, graduate program and funding and/or contact us at  The NYU Doctoral Program in Computational Biology (COB) is supported by the National Science Foundation’s IGERT program and NYU.