Latino Studies at New York University

Jun Yan

Functional Genomics Group
CAS-MPG Partner Institute for Computational Biology
Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences
Chinese Academy of Sciences

Please note the special day, time and location:
Monday, May 14th 3:45pm-4:45pm
WWH, Room 1314

Network Reconstruction of Inter-organ Metabolic Transport in Mammals

Complex organisms have evolved separate organs for specialized metabolic functions so that a metabolite is often synthesized in one organ but further catabolized in another. Membrane transporters, especially solute carrier (Slc) proteins, play important roles in shuttling metabolites in and out of the cells. Here we aim to reconstruct the network of inter-organ metabolic transport on the “-omic” scale. This is realized by systematically analyzing the organ-specific expression of enzymes and Slcs using microarray data and high-resolution in situ hybridization data. We provided convincing evidences that the entire metabolic network is segregated in different tissues and inter-organ transport of metabolites is facilitated by strategically located Slcs. Our study provides us molecular correlates for the known inter-tissue metabolic transport systems as well as the unknown ones. We discovered that there is a “metabolic code” of metabolite fluxes by combinatorial expression of enzymes and Slcs across tissues.