Latino Studies at New York University

Cristina Turner

Facultad de matemática Astronomía y Física
Universidad Nacional Córdoba
Córdoba Argentina

January 30, 2012

Shape optimization for tumor location

In non-invasive thermal diagnostics, accurate correlations between the thermal image at skin surface and interior human physiology are desired. In this work an estimation methodology to determine unknown geometrical parameters of an embedded tumor is proposed. We defined a functional that represents the mismatch between a measured experimental temperature profile, which may be obtained by infrared thermography on the skin surface, and the solution of an appropriate boundary problem. This functional is related to the geometrical parameters through the solution of the boundary problem, in such a way that finding the minimum of this functional form also means finding the unknown geometrical parameters of the embedded tumor. Sensitivity analysis techniques coupled with the adjoint method were considered to compute the shape derivative of the functional and a nonmonotone spectral projected gradient method was implemented to solve the optimization problem of finding the optimal geometric parameters.