Latino Studies at New York University

Ravi Iyengar

Dorothy H and Lewis Rosentiel Professor and Chair
Department of Pharmacology and Systems Therapeutics
Director, Experimental Therapeutics Institute
Director, Systems Biology Center New York
Mount Sinai School of Medicine

March 20, 2012

Shape and Signal flow in Mammalian Cells

For over a hundred years it has been empirically known that shape of cells within tissues and organs is an indicator of health or disease. The field of pathology is largely based on the premise the cell shape contributes to tissue morphology which can serve as a diagnostic of disease initiation and progression.  Nevertheless, the biological basis for these empirical observations has never been tackled in a systematic manner. We have been studying how cell shape affects information flow through cell signaling networks. We use a combination of computational modeling, live cell imaging and immunofluorescence microscopy to study the role of cell shape in signal transduction. Results from our ongoing studies that have focused on the ability of cell shape to control signal flow from the cell surface receptor to the nucleus will be presented.