Latino Studies at New York University

Simone Scacchi

University of Milan, Italy

Effects of mechano-electric feedback of the cardiac bioelectrical activity: a simulation study

The aim of this work is to investigate by means of numerical simulations the effects of myocardial deformation due to muscle contraction on the bioelectrical activity of the cardiac tissue. The three-dimensional cardiac electro-mechanical model considered consists of the following four components: the quasi-static anisotropic finite elasticity equations for the deformation of the cardiac tissue;the active tension model for the intracellular calcium dynamics and cross-bridge binding; the anisotropic Bidomain model for the electrical current flow through the tissue;the membrane model of ventricular myocytes, including stretch-activated channels. In order to take properly into account the mechano-electric feedbacks (MEFs), the electrical current flow is described by the Bidomain model on the deformed tissue.  The numerical simulations are based on our finite element parallel solver, which employs Multilevel Additive Schwarz preconditioners for the solution of the linear systems arising from the discretization of the Bidomain equations and Newton-Krylov-BDDC methods for the solution of the non-linear systems arising from the discretization of the finite elasticity equations.