Latino Studies at New York University

Karim Azer

Translational Informatics, Sanofi US

October 18, 2016

Mathematical biology and pharmacology models in Pharma: challenges and applications

Mathematical biology and pharmacology models are increasingly utilized in the pharmaceutical industry, recognizing the need for improving the probability of success or reducing the cost of drug development. More mechanistic, quantitative systems pharmacology (QSP) models are being leveraged to aid in the identification of novel targets in early research, in the translational medicine activities for bringing molecules into the clinic, and for achieving proof of mechanism, and understanding variability in response to novel compounds in later clinical development.

In this talk, we provide an overview on the development and application of QSP models in pharma. Several applications will be presented highlighting the impact these models are having. We will close with a discussion of the mathematical and computational challenges facing this field and highlight opportunities for research.