Latino Studies at New York University

Michele Insanally

Postdoctoral Researcher
NYU School of Medicine, Froemke Lab

October 21, 2014

A novel method for decoding neural activity in sensory and frontal cortices during perceptual decision-making in rodents
Little is known about the combined functional contributions of cortical sensory and frontal areas to perceptual decision-making.  To investigate the role of auditory and frontal cortex in perceptual decision-making, we recorded electrophysiological signals from rodents performing an auditory cue-driven task. The spike trains from single neurons observed in this study are complex and highly variable from trial to trial; however, on a given trial, these responses are the only information available to downstream neurons. In this talk, I will describe a novel analytical method to assess how much information about task variables is encoded in simple spiking statistics observed over time. Results from this model reveal surprising relationships between these cortical areas and the external variables they are thought to encode.